Lin Wood Releases A Statement Ahead Of SCOTUS Considering To Hear Election Cases In GA, PA, MI, AZ & WI

[Image source: SCOTUS-- Twitter picture. Lin Wood-- Mercer Law School-- YouTube video screenshot. The Freedom Times compilation].

The nations highest court is considering on Friday whether alleged voter fraud cases in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Michigan can move forward.

The United States Supreme Court is reviewing several cases during a conference and will decide whether they will hear oral arguments. Multiple cases surrounding the November 2020 presidential election are slated to be discussed today and whether they will allow those cases to proceed forward, including attorneys Lin Wood and Sidney Powell’s cases.

According to a case listing, some of the lawsuits to be considered on Friday include Sidney Powell’s Michigan case (20–815), the Trump campaign’s Pennsylvania lawsuit (20–845) and Wisconsin lawsuit (20–882), the Pennsylvania lawsuit brought by Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Pa.) (20–810), Lin Wood’s Georgia case (20–799), and AZ GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward’s Arizona case (20-809).

Ahead of the Supreme Court’s decision over whether they will allow the cases to move forward, attorney Lin Wood released a statement on Telegram, saying in part, “We are going to learn a great deal about the majority of our Supreme Court justices today whatever the rulings may be.”

“Many are watching and waiting on the U.S. Supreme today. In its conference, the Court will decide whether the cases from GA, Michigan, and Pennsylvania will proceed. If the Court says NO, we will know the majority of the Court is corrupt. The cases are based on established, black letter law. The elections in those states were illegal and unconstitutional. They changed the election rules without approval of the state legislatures,” Wood stated.

“If the Court decides the cases will proceed, we will not know for sure if a majority of the Court is corrupt until final decisions are issued which could take months. Remember the decision in Obamacare? Maybe the Court will allow the cases to proceed and buy time before the corrupt justices are exposed,” he said. Continued Below

“If the majority in the Court is not corrupt, a ruling should be issued today in Pennsylvania case. GA and Michigan should have cert granted with a reversal and remand to follow law in Pennsylvania case,” Lin Wood wrote.

“We are going to learn a great deal about the majority of our Supreme Court justices today whatever the rulings may be,” he said.

“Keep praying that justice is done today. God bless you,” Mr. Wood expressed. Continued Below

Lin Wood’s official statement:

Mr. Wood also voiced his concern over the Supreme Court Justices:

He added:

*Lin Wood gave a current update regarding hearing from SCOTUS:

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