Jason Miller Gives An Update On Trump: “He’s Doing Really Well… He’s Relaxed…You’re Going To See Him Back At It”

Jason Miller, TrumpNewsmax Video Screen Shot, Twitter

Trump 2020 senior advisor Jason Miller gave a status update on the former President Donald Trump on Thursday while appearing on Newsmax.

With over two weeks since leaving office and the Senate impeachment trial less than a week away, Miller said Trump has been spending a lot of time with his family and is “doing really well” and is “relaxed.” He then hinted that Americans should expect to see some action out of the 45th U.S. President rather soon.

“He’s doing really well,” Jason Miller told Newsmax host Rob Finnerty. “I think he’s enjoying spending some time with Melania and Barron.”

“I think there’s…the sense of the weight of the world is off the President’s shoulders,” he added. “There are only 45 other individuals who have had that honor of serving as President of the United States. It’d a serious responsibility.”

“I think he’s relaxed,” Miller said of Trump, knowing that Democrats’ impeachment effort is “dead on arrival” after 45 Senators initially voted against it. “A little bit of that stress is off.”

“I think the President is relaxing. Once we get on the other side of this trial, I think you’rr going to see him back at it,” Miller concluded. Video Below