Jesse Watters: “Sleepy Joe Got Woke, And Now We’re Going to Go Broke”

Jesse Watters, BidenFox Video Screen Shots

Fox News host Jesse Watters slammed President Joe Biden’s governing style in his first days since taking office, where he has signed a plethora of executive orders among other moves that go against much of what he said while campaigning.

“Sleepy Joe Got Woke” was the subject of Saturday night’s airing of Watters’ World.

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Jesse Watters stated as follows:

“Say what you want about Donald Trump — and there are a lot of things to say — but he wasn’t a phony. He said what he was going to do, and you knew what you were getting in to. But not Joe Biden.

“He ran as a guy from Scranton, but he’s governing like a guy from San Francisco. This wasn’t the Joe we were sold. Sleepy Joe got woke, and now we’re going to go broke.

“Pay attention and protect yourself because Biden started off as the most progressive President ever. This doesn’t end well — socialism never does.

“Everything we warned you about — him being a puppet of the radical left — was true. He insisted he wasn’t going to ban fracking, but he just did it on federal land. He insisted he wasn’t down with court packing, but he just set up a commission for it. He said he was pro-union, but he just killed 11,000 pipeline jobs. He said he was for safe streets, but he just stopped deporting killers and rapists. Instead of killing COVID, Biden is killing women’s sports instead. Now your daughter is going to have to compete against biological men. But if you’re against that, you’re a bigot who’s probably going to be sued.

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