Burgess Owens: “Maybe Job Killing Executive Orders Aren’t The Best Way To Bring About ‘Unity'”

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U.S. Congressman Burgess Owens (R-UT) is strongly opposed to the way President Joe Biden has handled his first days in office after pledging “unity” to the American people.

Within hours after taking the oath of office, it’s estimated that Biden killed more than 70,000 jobs just by revoking the permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline.

According to a report by Breitbart, Biden’s executive order against the Keystone XL pipeline “killed some 11,000 direct jobs that the pipeline’s construction was to have created, and an estimated 60,000 indirect jobs in secondary, related industries.”

Then on Thursday, the Biden administration announced a 60-day suspension of new oil and gas leasing and drilling permits for U.S. lands and waters, which could be the first step in an eventual goal to ban all leases and permits to drill on federal land, MarketWatch reported.

And while the order also applies to coal leases and permits, and blocks the approval of new mining plans, jobs related to the energy industry are expected to suffer as a result.

In response, Rep. Owens  tweeted, “This is counterproductive. With the stroke of a pen & no bipartisan discussion, countless Utahns will be out of work, and a critical industry will suffer yet another unnecessary blow.Why make life more difficult for Americans who are already struggling?”. See Below

Rep. Burgess Owens’ Official Tweet

Rep. Owens followed up by turning the tables on Biden over his so-called quest for unity, as he wrote, “Maybe job killing executive orders aren’t the best way to bring about ‘unity’.”

In ending, here is one idea Rep. Owens has to help create unity: