Mike Lindell Fires Back After Dominion Sends Him A Cease & Desist Letter: “Please Sue Me”

Mike LindellFox Video Screen Shot

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is daring Dominion Voting Systems to take legal action against him after the company threatened to sue him over claims that their technology rigged the 2020 election in favor of Joe Biden.

A cease and desist letter from Dominion that was written on December 23rd warns Lindell that “litigation” is “imminent” if he does not stop his role in “the ongoing misinformation campaign.”

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As per the Washington Examiner, a key portion in the letter from Dominion reads, “You have positioned yourself as a prominent leader of the ongoing misinformation campaign. Litigation regarding these issues is imminent.”

In response, Lindell — who was recently spotted at the White House after meeting with President Trump — urged the voting machine company: “Please sue me.”

“That letter is two weeks old, it’s a letter telling me to apologize. It’s a joke,” Lindell told the Washington Examiner. “Those machines are set to rig elections. If Dominion wants to sue me, I welcome it.”

Mr. Lindell went on to suggest that the company was holding back from a lawsuit “because we have all the evidence of foreign interference.”

“Please sue me,” Lindell said. “Apparently, nobody wants to see the evidence in the midst of this election fraud. I want everybody to see the evidence.”

“We dare the Supreme Court to at least open it up and look at it,” he added. “Do your job. This isn’t about who is going to be president. This is about an attack on our country.” Video Below

Just over a week ago, Lindell posted a video claiming that President Trump will remain in office the next for years and “evidence” will soon be coming out to prove claims being made about Dominion.

We leave you with that video clip: