PBS Releases A Statement After Employee Suggests ‘Re-Education Camps’ For Trump Supporters & More

[Image source: Former PBS principal counsel Michael Beller. Project Veritas screenshots. The Freedom Times compilation].

Tax payer funded Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) released a statement Tuesday, following a video that was released from James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, which revealed an employee suggesting Trump supporters be sent to “re-education camps” along with the forcible removal of their children by the government.

While unknowingly being recorded by a Project Veritas undercover self-described guerilla journalist before the 2020 presidential election, the now-former employee, PBS principal counsel Michael Beller, had called Americans “f**king dumb” and also recommended throwing Molotov cocktails at the White House should President Trump win reelection.

“Even if Biden wins, we go for all the Republican voters, and Homeland Security will take their children away,” Michael Beller said, adding, “And we’ll put them into re-education camps.”

“In these times, which are unique, I mean, Trump is close to Hitler,” he claimed.

Asked what will happen if Biden doesn’t win the 2020 November election, Beller told the undercover journalist, “Go to the White House and throw Molotov cocktails. … Kids who are growing up know nothing but Trump, for four years. You’ve got to wonder what they’re going to be like. They’ll be raising a generation of intolerant, horrible people– horrible kids.”

Later in the video Beller said of re-education camps, “Enlightenment camps. They’re nice. They have Sesame Street in the classrooms, and they watch PBS all day.” Video Below

Former PBS principal counsel Michael Beller’s remarks; watch:


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PBS released a statement Tuesday following the undercover video from Project Veritas, saying in part, “This employee no longer works for PBS. As a mid-level staff attorney, he did not speak on behalf of our organization, nor did he make any editorial decisions.”


“There is no place for hateful rhetoric at PBS, and this individual’s views in no way reflect our values or opinions,” PBS continued. “We strongly condemn violence and will continue to do what we have done for 50 years – use our national platform and local presence to strengthen communities and bring people together.”


James O’Keefe followed up, expressing, “Ladies and gentleman, this is one the fastest reactions I’ve ever seen in the history of Project Veritas”, referring to the firing of Michael Beller.