Ben Carson Slams Twitter For Deleting President Trump’s Account: “Erasing History Is No Way To Unite Us”

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Twitter’s decision to permanently ban President Donald Trump and delete his account from their platform “due to the risk of further incitement of violence” was the final straw for HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson as he issued a statement condemning the latest actions by big tech companies to censor Conservstives.

The tech giant’s suspension of President Trump comes after he posted two tweets on Thursday morning, which Twitter deemed under their policies as “Glorification of Violence policy”.

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Several more Twitter users were purged from the platform on Friday, including attorney Sidney Powell and General Michael Flynn. Two other social media companies — Facebook and Instagram — have also gone to great lengths to censor President Trump as well as images and video footage from Wednesday’s unrest at the Capitol building.

In response, Dr. Ben Carson slammed the moves by Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as “wrong” and suggested that “erasing history is no way to unite us” in a time when tensions are already high in America.

He then reminded big tech companies that “we aren’t in China.”

Dr. Carson tweeted, “Silencing a significant number of voters and erasing history is no way to unite us; it only further divides. Big tech & social media platforms want to act like media orgs but don’t want to be held accountable with the rest of media. Speech should be free whether you agree or not

“You want to ban @realDonaldTrump, fine you’re a private company, but @Twitter deleting the President’s account which highlights this admin & its history is wrong,” he added.

“@Facebook & @instagram banning all images from the Capitol riot is a dangerous precedent to set. We aren’t in China,” Dr. Carson concluded. See Below

Dr. Ben Carson’s Official Statement