Sidney Powell: “The President Has All Of The Authority He Needs” Under 2018 Executive Order

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Attorney Sidney Powell thinks it’s “possible” that the cutoff for a path to victory for President Trump could extend past the January 20 inauguration date.

However, she believes it could come much sooner if the President exercises Executive Order 13848, titled “Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election,” which was entered in 2018, because doing so would give him “all the authority he needs” to make it happen.

Ms. Powell made the suggestion during a recent interview with Gene Baily of FlashPoint.

“Would it be possible that President Trump would be back to President Trump after January 20th?” Baily asked. “Or is it really — is that kind of our hard cutoff date?”

“It’s definitely possible because the Supreme Court can do what it wants to do,” Sidney replied. “It gets more difficult the longer it takes.”

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“The President has all of the authority he needs now under the executive order that was issued on 2018 on election interference from a foreign power. There’s so much evidence of that,” Ms. Powell said.

“We put out a 270-page explanation of all of it and that’s published now on and and, I think, probably at too — trying to make it as available as we can to people. They can see all of the incredible evidence of foreign interference in the election. In fact, the FBI and the CISA agency documented it,” Sidney indicated. Video Below


Here is video of Powell’s full interview

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