Gorka: “There Is No Such Thing In America Today As A ‘President-Elect’…Biden Is Not The President-Elect”

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During a recent event held by Turning Point USA in Florida, Sebastian Gorka declared that Joe Biden is not the President-Elect, which he said will not be determined until after each state’s electoral votes are presented to the joint-session of Congress on January 6th.

It was the first of two times this past week that Gorka undermined the mainstream media, who have continuously referred to Biden as the President-Elect following the November 3rd election.

“There is no such thing in America today as a ‘President-Elect,” Gorka declared. “Beijing Biden is not the President-Elect.”

He continued: “Nothing matters until a small wooden box… arrives on Capitol Hill the first week of January. And it will be processed through Capitol Hill for a joint session of Congress — that is the collection of the elected ballots. And they must be counted by a joint session of Congress. And they must be approved by a joint session of Congress before the President of the Congress, of the Senate — who happens to be somebody by the name of Mike Pence — declares who the President-Elect is.”

“But if any Congress man or woman — just one — joined by any one Senator says, ‘Stop! I disagree,’ then everything stops,” Gorka said.

The crowd erupted into cheers when he pointed out that Congressman Matt Gaetz, who also was at the event, is one of several members of Congress planning to challenge the results on January 6. Video Below



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Gorka went on to proclaim that if there are enough objections leading up to January 18, the “contingent election” would come into play, which gives President Trump a good chance of retaining control of the presidency.


In ending, here is video of Gorka’s full speech: