Yang Suggests People Should Carry A ‘Bar Code’ Showing They’ve Been Vaccinated, Instantly Gets Blasted

YangCNN Video Screen Shot

Andrew Yang is now pushing the concept of barcoding individuals who have received a vaccine for COVID-19.

The 2020 Democrat presidential candidate floated the controversial idea in a thread he posted to Twitter on Friday.

“Is there a way for someone to easily show that they have been vaccinated – like a bar code they can download to their phone? There ought to be,” Yang tweeted.

“Tough to have mass gatherings like concerts or ballgames without either mass adoption of the vaccine or a means of signaling,” he continued. “I’ve been tested at a photo shoot or interview and gotten a bracelet showing I was negative. Then we could interact more freely.”

Yang’s idea instantly backfired as Twitter members were quick to point out implications of what he was suggesting should happen next.

Here are some of the most highly engaged reactions: