Jenna Ellis: State Legislatures “Can De-Certify These False Results…We Still Have Plenty Of Time”

Jenna EllisNewsmax Video Screen Shot

President Trump’s senior legal advisor Jenna Ellis is showing absolutely no signs that the race for the White House is over.

In fact, based on what Ellis told Newsmax on Tuesday, it appears that President Trump legal team is only just beginning their fight for “election integrity” even as mainstream sources continue to label Joe Biden as the “President-Elect.”

“We’re not giving up the fight for election integrity,” Ellis told Newsmax host Greg Kelly.

“When you have all of these concerns that have gone on — not with just irregularities, but with the Dominion machines — the questions surrounding that, the audit results that came out yesterday. When you have all of the laws that were completely disregarded in these six states, that that somehow doesn’t matter just because they like the supposed and current results of this election. It’s, frankly, a dereliction of duty.”

“And so, what the mayor [Rudy Giuliani] and I are focused on is still continuing to make sure that the state legislatures understand their Constitutional obligation and authority under Article 2 — that they can take back their delegates, they can de-certify these false results and they can actually make sure that none of their constituencies are disenfranchised,” Ellis proclaimed.

“And they can make sure the electoral process is not corrupted. We still have plenty of time before January 6,” she concluded. Video Below


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Here are a few more key clips from Jenna Ellis’ interview with Newsmax on Tuesday:

In ending, here is a clip of Greg Kelly giving ‘deplorables’ his take on what’s going on: