General Flynn: “The Deep State Buried Me, Wanted Me To Die…The American People Saved Me”

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General Michael Flynn is convinced that the ‘deep state’ wanted nothing more than for him to be ‘buried’ and dead to the world when he was targeted in an FBI probe 4 years ago. And if it weren’t for the American people’s support, Flynn believes his foes would have succeeded.

The former National Security Advisor gave an assessment of his experience while appearing for an interview with Jan Jekielek of The Epoch Times.

“The American people saved me — they saved my family and I,” Flynn said in his interview. “If there’s something I’ll get emotional about, it’s that.”

He then compared the American people’s support for him during his battle with the ‘deep state’ to ‘buddy breathing,’ which is a rescue technique used by scuba divers if one of their tanks runs out of oxygen. “The American people have been buddy breathing with me for four years,” Flynn proclaimed.

“Another way to describe it was the deep state buried me six feet under the ground, wanted me to die. Somehow, somebody stuck a straw up through that, or a straw was allowed to be stuck up to the air, and I sat and I laid there for four years breathing through that straw. But that straw became wider and wider and wider over the years because the American people came to my family’s aid.”

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“That’s an amazing story about people that have nothing and they’re willing to give me everything that they have because they believed in something that — they believed in me, they believed in my family, they believed in something that was bigger than what it is that we are about, and thank God they did,” Flynn said.

“So like I say, I’ve been buddy breathing for four years down under, and the American people were who was giving me that oxygen to do that — to survive, to get through this,” he declared. Video Below


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