Sidney Powell Calls On ‘Patriots’ To Rise Up, List Eight Ways To ‘Demand The Truth’

[Sidney Powell- Image Source: The Epoch Times; American Thought Leaders video screenshot. Trump supporters in Washington, D.C. -- Twitter video screenshot. The Freedom Times compilation].

Attorney Sidney Powell called on “Patriots” to rise up Sunday on Twitter and listed eight ways to demand the truth and transparency in the wake of the 2020 November election.

Powell first wrote on Twitter Sunday, “If you are not demanding #Truth and #transparency in this election and all voting machines, you are part of the problem. #Patriots must rise right now and demand the #Truth. Truth & #Freedom won this election. It’s about the very survival of this #Republic. We must Keep It.

Sidney Powell’s call to Patriots:

Following Ms. Powell’s tweet, a user on Twitter named, “We Get It!” asked Sidney Powell, “So………. how do we rise up? What do we do?? Give some suggestions. Write letters? Make phone calls? Email someone? What? What can we do to help?? We stopped watching fox news and went to NEWSMAX……….. HELP US HELP YOU!”

Sidney Powell responded to the question, by listing ways Patriots can demand the truth. “Phone calls, letters, newspapers, Trump parades, peaceful protests, swarm the state capital, Congress, talk to your friends, family,” she recommended.

“Nothing should be hidden. If they’re hiding, they’re lying. All the media, social media, globalists elite, businesses are against us. Save the USA,” Powell expressed. Continued Below

Sidney Powell’s call to Patriots:

Meanwhile, a judge in Michigan on Monday permitted parties in a court case to release the results of a forensic imaging examination of Dominion Voting Systems machines, with redactions of code.

The 23-page report was published soon after by Allied Security Operations Group. It includes expert analysis from Russell Ramsland, a former Republican Party candidate who works with the group.

Ramsland’s team concluded that Dominion’s system “intentionally generates an enormously high number of ballot errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results.”


Read the report HERE.

Powell also reminded Americans that evidence of alleged voter fraud is on her website, available for the public to read:

Attorneys Sidney Powell and Lin Wood currently have cases filed at the Supreme Court.

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