Sidney Powell Agrees That ‘If One State Falls’ In Pending SCOTUS Lawsuits ‘They’re All Going To Fall’

Sidney PowellNewsmax Video Screen Shot

While appearing live on the John Fredericks show, Attorney Sidney Powell confirmed that there are cases from at least four different states waiting to be heard by the Supreme Court.

Evidence in the pending lawsuits are so similar to each other, according to Ms. Powell, that if the Supreme Court rules in favor of the plaintiffs in just one of them, the other three cases would follow suit, giving President Trump the electoral votes needed for victory.

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“Wisconsin, Arizona, Michigan and Georgia are all right now pending emergency petitions in the Supreme Court to get the process stayed and that’s enough of states to flip the count for President Trump and stop the electoral college process from proceeding on the basis of a massive fraud,” Powell told John Fredericks.

“Is it fair to say that if one state falls, they’re all going to fall because all of the evidence is the same basically, right?” Fredericks asked.

“Yes,” Powell replied. “There are different kinds of specialized fraud in some of the states, but in terms of Dominion machine fraud, yes, it’s going to be the same everywhere. And yes, multiple states should fall because of this fraud.” Video Below


Here is Sidney Powell’s full interview with John Fredericks: