WATCH: Georgia Election Officials Demonstrate How Dominion Voting Machines Can Manipulate Votes

[Image source: Kraken Institute-- YouTube video screenshots. The Freedom Times compilation].

On Thursday, Coffee County Georgia Elections Supervisor, Misty Martin, gave a hands-on demonstration of how Dominion Voting Systems process ballots.

Martin began by running ballots through a voting machine and then showed computer screens with the data processed from the machine and how the votes can be manipulated.

Misty Martin scanned “a new batch of ballots”, however, they were actually the same batch of ballots that she previously scanned, noting that she made new marks on them. The ballots were shown as accepted on the computer screen afterward.

Martin showed another computer screen after the ballots processed and said that the ballots were “pending adjudication”, then pulled up a program showing one of the ballots with double votes. “If you look, here is a vote that’s double voted. It’s over voted. I don’t know if when I hit complete, is it going to accept the vote for both candidates, or … is it going to reject it all together? … I’m gonna say it’s complete. … I’m gonna say nothing needs to be changed” she said.

Then Martin made a vote for another candidate on the ballot before processing that ballot on the computer program.

She also demonstrated how if a ballot is marked with duplicate candidates or a missing vote, she can choose or guess who the vote can be for. Continued Below

Following the demonstration, officials stepped out of the office and looked into the room through a window to see what Misty Martin was doing on her computer.

“I can’t tell– I’m probably around 7-8 feet max from the screen, and I can’t tell what she’s doing. Can any of you board members see what Misty is doing? Okay, we’re all in agreeance that while we stepped out … there could possibly be some fraud going on behind our back that we have no clue,” an official said.

The officials came back into the office and Martin ran another batch of ballots. While the ballots were being counted, an alert on the computer screen notified Martin that the “scanner is timing itself out”, saying that the machine read “Exception found– misread last four ballots– did not count,” then noted that she can go through the ballots and see which ballots did not process or she can “discard the whole batch”. Continued Below

“One more thing I want to show you, and this is one that totally bothers me,” Martin said. “There is nothing voted on this ballot. … It’s a 100% blank ballot. I can go over here and tell it to stop adjudication, and I can tell [the machine] to scan and adjudicate all ballots. I can go and vote that blank ballot.”

She also confirmed and reiterated that she can “scan a ballot more than once”, when asked by an observer. “I just scanned the same batches … I never got any more. … Let’s see if it does the blank ballot like it’s supposed to,” Martin told the officials, before running the blank ballot.

“It scanned it. I’m going to accept it into the system, and now let’s see if it goes over for adjudication. … There’s my batch of blank ballots that I want to adjudicate,” she said, pointing to the computer screen. “And I’m gonna vote for Doug Collins. I’m gonna vote for Bubba, and I’m going to complete it. I just counted that vote. Video Below

Watch the demonstration:

Most recently, Coffee County Board of Elections officials sent out a letter last week to Brad Raffensperger, saying they could not certify its results following a second recount.

In the letter, election officials said they could not certify the electronic recount numbers given its “inability to repeatedly duplicate creditable election results.”

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