Coincidence? Biden’s Spike In GA On 11/4 Matches Time Stamp On Suspicious Video Footage

[Image source: Fox Business video screenshot. Twitter photo. The Freedom Times compilation].

During a hearing Thursday, a volunteer helping the Trump legal team presented evidence of video footage from Atlanta’s State Farm arena to the Georgia Senate Committee, as previous reported by The Freedom Times.

Attorney Jackie Pick showed video of poll workers leaving while four people stayed behind, continuing to count ballots in private. Another video clip also showed what appeared to be suitcases filled with alleged ballots, which were pulled out from under a table.

Attorney Jackie Pick explains:

In another clip, Attorney Pick showed video footage of what appeared to be suitcases filled with alleged ballots, which were pulled out from under a table.

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Following Thursday’s hearing in Georgia, a graph showing a spike for Joe Biden in Georgia appeared to match the time stamp (11-4-20) on the suspicious video footage.

Police Commissioner of the New York City Police Department Bernard B. Kerik tweeted a photo of the spike with the timestamp, writing, “This spike is mathematically impossible without cheating”.

President Trump’s attorney Jenna Ellis also shared the graph, expressing, “FRAUD”.

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Jenna Ellis explained to Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo on Friday, that the workers “took out four big boxes of ballots and kept scanning them through the night” after election officials “told everyone to go home and stop counting”.

“I don’t think anyone who is honest can look at this video and then all of the evidence that we’ve presented through the testimonies through these very critical witnesses, who are patriots just coming forward, explaining all of the violations of the law that they’ve seen across in these 6 states. And I don’t think any honest person can look at all of this and say, ‘Yeah, this was an honest election that was conducted fairly. There’s nothing to see here, let’s move on'”.

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