Lin Wood Steps To The Podium & Declares ‘Every Lie Will Be Revealed’ & Trump ‘Will Be Sworn In’ On Jan. 20

[Image source: RSBN video screenshot].

Attorneys Sidney Powell and L. Lin Wood held a press conference in Georgia on Wednesday, firing up the crowd in the in the wake of the 2020 election.

As he stepped to the podium, Wood declared that “every lie will be revealed” and President Trump “will be sworn in” on January 20.

“I want to thank everyone here because I know you love America. I know you’re here because you love Donald Trump and he loves you,” Lin Wood told the audience.

“You’re here because we the people will not let them steal our vote. We will not let them steal our freedom,” he said.

“Every lie will be revealed, and on January the 20th of 2021, Donald J. Trump will be sworn in as President of the United States!” Wood declared.

Video Below

Attorney Lin Wood’s remarks:

“We’re gonna send a message … It’s 1776 in America again, and you’re not gonna take our freedom. We’re gonna fight for our liberty. … This is America, you picked a fight with the wrong people!” Lin Wood also told the crowd.

Full press conference:

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