CNN Reporter Gets Roasted After Posting A Selfie Of ‘The Crew’ Who Questioned Trump On Thanksgiving

CNN, Jenna EllisKaitlan Collins, Video Screen Shot

CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins and her colleagues in the press pool were ecstatic that President Donald Trump gave them the time of day for the first time in three weeks, when he answered some of their questions at the White House on Thanksgiving Day.

And to commemorate the moment, Collins snapped a selfie with “the crew” of reporters who took part in the Q&A session.

Collins tweeted out her selfie and captioned it: “The crew that got President Trump to answer his first questions in over three weeks. Proud to be part of it. Happy Thanksgiving!”

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As the photo began to make it’s way around the twitterverse, onlookers couldn’t refrain from roasting “the crew.”

President Trump’s personal attorney Jenna Ellis replied, “Also the crew that let Joe Biden not answer a single difficult question the entire campaign. You have nothing to be proud of, Kaitlan. You’re not a journalist, you’re an activist.”

Jenna Ellis’ Roasts “The Crew”

Ellis then commented, “LOL cute you think you can ‘get’ Trump to do anything.”

Dan Bongino was not impressed by the photo as he simply responded, “Look at these dorks.”

Former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer replied, “Too bad the Biden press pool hardly ever does this…”

Here are some more reactions to “The Crew’s” selfie: