Buffalo NY Business Owners Force Out Authorities Trying To Enforce Lockdown Restrictions: “Get Out!”

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Business owners in Buffalo, New York took matters into their own hands on Friday night, when they escorted out two sheriffs and two health inspectors who were trying to break up their gathering at a local gym that was shut down because of the state’s COVID-19 restrictions.

Fed up with the state’s coronavirus lockdown orders, the business owners refused to cooperate with the the authorities, and instead shouted at them to “Get out!” and demanded a warrant before following them outside of the gym. The officials showed up after receiving an “anonymous tip” from a member of the public.

As reported by The Buffalo News:

A gathering of about 50 business owners and their supporters inside an Orchard Park gym shut down by Covid-19 restrictions turned into a confrontation with Erie County authorities Friday night.

The owner of the gym, Athletes Unleashed on California Road, described the gathering as a protest of the state’s “orange zone” regulations that have closed gyms, salons and other businesses deemed nonessential.

No one was cited and no arrests were made, according to two people who attended, but video of the incident shows an Erie County health inspector accompanied by three sheriff’s deputies arriving about 20 minutes after the gathering began. Video Below

Video of the incident was uploaded to Twitter.

“This is private party! It’s private property! Go get a warrant!” one of the business owners is hear yelling “This is private property! You’re not wanted here! Do your job!”

As one of the sheriffs tried to say they were doing their job, the owner shouted back, “Your job is to remove people who are not wanted here! You are not wanted here!”

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The sheriff then suggested that the man yelling should wear a mask. “Don’t worry about my health! My health isn’t your concern!” the man fired back.

The business owners then repeatedly chanted, “Get out!” and “We will not comply!” while forcing the three authorities out of the building and into their vehicles. Video Below