Gorka Roasts Reporter To His Face After Being Tracked Down At Million MAGA March: “Your Mom Wants Her Phone Back”

GorkaZachary Petrizzo Video Screen Shots

President Trump’s former advisor Sebastian Gorka completely obliterated reporter Zachary Petrizzo after being tracked down at the “Million MAGA March” on Saturday.

Gorka was walking down the street when Petrizzo, a journalist for the left-leaning sources Daily Dot and Mediaite, approached him with a series a questions.

Petrizzo had a tough time trying to get any questions out, as Gorka kept interrupting and blasting him.

“You’re not a journalist, go back to high school,” Gorka said to Petrizzo as he kept walking. “Your mom wants her phone back!” he added before mocking Petrizzo over his high-pitched, crackly voice.

“Your voice, Zachary. What’s with your voice?” Gorka said sarcastically while looking right at Petrizzo’s camera.

Petrizzo finally got a question out, when he asked, “Do you want to denounce QAnon? Mr. Gorka, what’s going on?” Gorka fired back, “There’s a high school project that’s looking for you!” Video Below


As video of the encounter surfaced on Twitter, Gorka had one burning question for Mr. Petrizzo, which is as follows:


In ending, here is part of Gorka’s speech that he delivered during Saturday’s march: