Corey Lewandowski: “This Race Is Far From Over & Donald Trump Is Going To Be Victorious”

LewandowskiFox Video Screen Shot

As the Trump campaign appears to be preparing a full-fledged battle in the courts, Corey Lewandowski thinks the presidential race is “far from over.” And he is confident that after everything shakes out, President Trump will be “victorious.”

Corey gave the assessment while updating Fox Business host Lou Dobbs on the status of the Trump campaign’s legal battle on the ground.

“The fight continues in Pennsylvania,” Lewandowski said after mentioning an alleged “hit list” that was discovered in Philadelphia with his name and the names of other Republicans on it, which is suspected of being used to deny legal access to polling locations.

He retweeted the referenced list earlier on Tuesday, as seen here:

Meanwhile, Corey signaled that the Trump campaign is “on the offense” in a number of court cases in other battleground states as he told Lou Dobbs, “We have a number of court cases that we have filed — a number that we feel very comfortable that we are going to win.”

“We know for sure that ballots that were supposed to be segregated out after they came in on Election Day — on Tuesday after 8 PM in Pennsylvania — were not segregated out. Those ballots should not count,” he declared. “As a matter of fact, Justice Alito required those [ballots] be segregated out, and now they’re counting them, but they’ve never been segregated.”

“When you look at where we are in Wisconsin, we are on the offense in a court case there. We’re on the offense on a court case in Georgia,” Lewandowski said. “This race is far from over, and Donald Trump is going to be victorious when this is done.” Video Below