Jesse Watters Identifies Key Indicators Showing Dems Are ‘Nervous’ About Trump’s Re-Election Chances

Jesse Watters, TrumpFox Video Screen Shot

On Sunday, Jesse Watters pointed out key indicators showing nervousness and panic from Democrats and left-leaning sources regarding President Donald Trump’s re-election bid.

With the big November 3rd contest only a few days away, mainstream polls indicate that the President has closed the gap with Joe Biden, and now trails the former Vice President in battleground states by an average of only 3.1% — a number that Watters thinks is skewed against Trump.

“Personally, I believe Trump is looking even better in the battlegrounds than the mainstream media polls. I don’t believe a lot of these polls. It’s neck and neck everywhere and the President’s in a great position,” Watters said.

He also mentioned that “Republicans are tied or  ahead in early voting” in critical states, such as Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Texas, Arizona, Georgia and Florida.

“Republican enthusiasm is huge and, in Florida, Republicans are wiping out the Democrat early-vote advantage, and they’re at pace to put Biden behind where Hillary was in 2016,” Jesse said.

“The Democrats are getting nervous,” he went on to say before rolling out headlines from mainstream sources and clips from Rep. Debbie Dingell and Michael Moore to back up his claim.

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And now as the election is right around the corner, Jesse finds it odd that Democrat-run cities have begun boarding up buildings to prepare for riots.

“There’s only gonna be violence if Biden loses,” Watters said. Video Below