Scarborough Admits The Record GDP Growth Is A ‘Historic Number’ That Will Help Trump In The Final Stretch

Scarborough, TrumpMSNBC Video Screen Shot, Archived Video Screen Shot

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough was so impressed by the “historic” third quarter GDP growth rate that he could only spin it as positive news for President Donald Trump heading into the final stretch of the campaign season.

Commerce Department records released on Thursday showed that the U.S. GDP jumped at a record-breaking rate of 33.1 percent in the third quarter, which is a growth of 7.4 percent from quarter two.

President Trump touted the newly released figures as the “Biggest and Best” in United States history.

Trump tweeted: “GDP number just announced. Biggest and Best in the History of our Country, and not even close. Next year will be FANTASTIC!!!cHowever, Sleepy Joe Biden and his proposed record setting tax increase, would kill it all. So glad this great GDP number came out before November 3rd.”

In response to the news, MSNBC’s Joe Scarbarough said the record-breaking growth rate “looks great” and is a “historic number” that “comes on the heels of a lot of pain in the past.” He then followed up by implying thaf Trump has earned the right to celebrate the rapid growth rate as an economic victory heading into the election.

“Donald Trump is going to be able to run around and say this last quarter the economy grew at a record rate, the highest rate ever, period end of sentence,” Scarborough said on the air.

President Trump tweeted a clip Scarborough making the rare, optimistic remarks and captioned it: “Thank you to Joe Scarborough (@JoeNBC) for seeing the light. Our Country is doing great!” Video Below