Dueling Rallies: Trump Arrives In The Beast To La Crosse Speedway In WI, Biden Arrives To Drive-In Rally In GA

[Image Source: Fox News video screenshots. Twitter video screenshots. The Freedom Times compilation].

President Donald Trump arrived to his second rally of the day Tuesday, met by thousands of supporters in attendance. He pulled up in the Beast to the La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway, a racetrack in West Salem, Wisconsin. La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway general manager Chuck Deery said the event can easily fit 10,000 people.

On the contrast, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden also attended his second rally of the day to a socially distanced drive-in car rally in Atlanta, Georgia on Tuesday. “His campaign said 290 cars were allowed in with attendants around 870 people, making this the largest event for the former vice president since he’s been on the campaign trail,” Fox News’ National Correspondent Jacqui Heinrich reported on air.

President Donald Trump arrives in the Beast, making its way in front of the grandstand:

Thousands of supporters in attendance in Salem, Wisconsin for the Trump rally:

President Donald Trump also took a lap around the Wisconsin speedway in the Beast:

President Trump departs Wisconsin and heads to Nebraska for his third rally of the day:

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Meanwhile, photo and video surfaced of the drive-in crowd at Joe Biden’s Atlanta rally:

It’s worth noting, former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates was spotted at Biden’s Atlanta rally:


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