Leo Terrell On Why He Is ‘Angry’ Following The First Debate: “Biden Didn’t Explain Why Black Voters Should Vote For Him”

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Longtime Democrat commentator and civil rights attorney Leo Terrell was left feeling “angry” following the first presidential debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden for a mix of reasons.

Terrell, who plans to vote Republican for the first time ever in his life, cited Trump having to constantly “fight” throughout the entire debate to get his message out and Biden failing to explain why Black voters should vote for him as two reasons why he was so “upset” watching the debate.

“I’m angry! Let’s go!” Terrell told Fox News host  Sean Hannity following the debate. “Why am I angry? I am angry at the fact that Donald Trump has to fight 24/7 to get the message [out]. It’s Donald Trump versus the leftwing media…Donald Trump should be a gladiator.”

“Can Joe Biden win my vote back? No! Absolutely not! Let me tell you, he’s a liar! Joe Biden’s a liar!” Terrell exclaimed. “He lied tonight! As far as the violence in the cities, he lied! He’s had no plan! And Joe Biden is not a friend to African Americans.”

“I wish I was Chris Wallace for five minutes. I would have said, ‘Joe, what have you done for Black America for the last 40 years? What have you done?’ I wish I was Chris Wallace because Joe Biden didn’t explain why Black voters should vote for him, so I’m upset.”

“And Donald Trump, keep fighting…keep fighting because you can not trust the media,” he concluded. Video Below


In ending, here are some tweets posted by Mr. Terrell after the debate, where he blasted Chris Wallace’s “unfair” role as a so-called moderator: