Joe Biden & Anderson Cooper Stop Social Distancing & Talk Closely Without Masks During Commercial Break

Biden, CooperCNN Video Screen Shots

Democratic nominee Joe Biden and CNN’s Anderson Cooper broke social distancing guidelines while not wearing wearing masks during Thursday’s town hall event.

The incident was caught on camera right after Cooper signaled for a commercial break.

As the camera panned out, Biden and Cooper are seen without their masks on, walking to within inches of each other and trading remarks well within the CDC’s recommended six feet. Trump War Room tweeted a video of the incident:

Just last week, Democrats and mainstream news sources, including CNN, blasted President Trump and his supporters for breaking social distancing guidelines at his rally venues.

CNN wrote an article about Trump’s Thursday rally in Nevada that was titled, “No social distancing, few masks as crowd waits for Trump rally in Nevada…”

Fast forward to Thursday evening, and CNN’s very own Anderson Cooper and former Vice President Biden will likely hear crickets from the same media sources and individuals who were highly critical of President Trump and his supporters just a week ago. Video Below

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Aside from his social distancing flub, Biden appeared to lose his train of thought while answering a question about the Green New Deal.

We leave you with that video: