While Making Climate Change Remarks, Biden Gets Video-Bombed By A Large Bug Crawling On Him

Biden, BugBreitbart Video Screen Shot

While making remarks about climate change on Monday, former Democratic nominee Joe Biden got bugged…literally.

Some sort of large flying insect landed on Biden just when he was discussing economic implications related to climate change.

It was tough paying attention to the former Vice President as the bug slowly crawled up his right shoulder and disappeared behind his neck.

Moments later, the bug could be seen peeking around Biden’s right collar before Biden tried to brush it away with his hand.

The bug, however, retained it’s position and crawled back around his neck and then poked it’s head from around Biden’s left left ear, before the former Vice President successfully swiped it away.

“Sorry, that was a bug — speaking of the environment,” Biden said. Video Below


In ending, here is a spoof that was made to ridicule Biden being video-bombed by the bug: