McCarthy On Senate Dems Blocking Virus Relief Bill: “They’d Rather See America Suffer Than Watch The President Succeed”

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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy slammed Senate Democrats for blocking legislation on Thursday that would have provided coronavirus relief to Americans.

The $300 billion COVID-19 stimulus bill backed by Republicans was a slimmed down version of the $3 trillion relief bill that was passed in the House in May.

While all but one Republican majority voted to pass the bill 52-47, all Democrats opposed the legislation that needed 60 votes to break a Democratic fillibuster.

In response, McCarthy accused Senate Democrats of wanting to see Americans hurting rather than watching President Trump succeed.

“Look what the Democrats did,” McCarthy said. “The majority in the Senate actually voted to pass a COVID bill to help America. But the Democrats despise the President so much, they’d rather inflict pain.”

“They’d rather see America suffer than watch the President succeed at something,” he declared. “So they’re gonna bring more pain on to this country just because they despise him.” Video Below