Radical Left Protesters Carry ‘Death To America’ Banner Down A NYC Street, Don Jr. Reacts: “Biden Is Too Afraid To Condemn These America-Hating Radicals”

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Radical left protesters in New York City were caught on camera marching down a city street carrying a banner that said, “Death To America.”

Protesters dressed in primarily black attire were heard chanting “Every city, every town, burn the precinct to the ground!” as they carried banners.

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Political journalist Ian Miles Cheong tweeted a video of the protest.

Take a look:

The protest reportedly erupted into a riot where businesses in the area were destroyed.


In response, Donald Trump Jr. called out Joe Biden for his overall “weak” response to chaos that has broken out in Democrat-controlled cities.

“Remember: Joe Biden is too weak and afraid of the radical left to condemn these America-hating antifa radicals by name!!!” Trump Jr. tweeted along with the hashtag #BidenRiots.

Moments earlier, Don Jr. lashed out at the media for continually avoiding to label unruly protests and demonstrations as “riots.”

Trump Jr.’s also took aim at the former Vice President in regards to another video that was uploaded that shows a violent Black Lives Matter protest at a restaurant in Rochester, NY, where dozens of protesters forced patrons out of their seats, threw chairs and shattered plates and glasses that were left on tables.

“Joe Biden still refuses to condemn violent antifa and BLM rioters by name and this is the result of his cowardice,” Donald Trump Jr. said in response. “These are HIS SUPPORTERS. Biden owns this. #BidenRiots”

In ending, here’s a video Trump Jr. recently tweeted, which tackles the issue head on: