Lifelong Dem Leo Terrell Issues A Rallying Message To All Americans: “We Have To Elect Donald J. Trump”

[Image source: Leo Terrell's Twitter- video screenshot. Donald J. Trump video ad- video screenshot. The Freedom Times compilation].

Lifelong Democrat and Civil Rights attorney Leo Terrell took to Twitter Saturday, issuing a rallying video message by urging all Americans to “elect Donald J. Trump” in the upcoming November presidential election.

Terrell donned a red “Make America Great Again” hat in his video and thanked “every American” for supporting his position in backing the Commander in Chief.

“I love this country, and that’s why I’m supporting Donald Trump,” Mr. Terrell expressed.

“The Democrats will harm this country,” he warned. “The Democrats are dangerous.”

“I want to thank all of you who have informed me by way of emails, letters, phone calls that you support my position,” Terrell said. “We have to elect Donald J. Trump. We have to elect him. We have to get out and vote.”

He added: “I want to make sure everyone knows this, especially Democrats. I’m doing this because I love my country. I have received zero dollars. God bless America”. Video Below

Leo Terrell’s official remarks:

Leo Terrell has strongly voiced his concern on Fox News’ “Hannity” over the chaos that has erupted in Democratic run cities since the death of George Floyd. He had repeatedly called on Democrat lawmakers to step up and control their cities and to condemn the violence as Americans have watched looting and businesses go up in flames. Terrell stands for law and order and supports the men and women in blue who protect and serve.

On Thursday, Terrell tweeted, “Donald Trump is the only candidate who can preserve law and order in this nation. Joe Biden is afraid of #AntifaTerrorists and will not condemn their criminal conduct . Vote Trump to save American values.”

Terrell also announced that he wants to help President Donald Trump in the battle ground states to get him reelected and stop the Democrats from taking over the White House.

Leo Terrell on helping President Trump in the battleground states:

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