Gregg Jarrett Roasts Hunter Biden Over His DNC Appearance: “He’s Never Accomplished Anything Without Leveraging His Father’s Fame”

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Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, sent the world of politics into a frenzy on Thursday when he made a special appearance in a video that featured himself along his sister Ashley “vouching” their father’s integrity at the Democratic National Convention.

“He’ll be there when you need him,” Hunter said in a pre-recorded video. “He’ll tell you the truth even when you don’t want to hear it,” Ashley continued.

“If you give him your cell phone number, he’s going to call it,” the Biden siblings said.

In response, Garrett told his guest Tom Fitton: “I think a lot of people fell out of their chairs last night when who appeared, but Hunter Biden.”

“This guy is a notorious drifter,” he added. “He’s never accomplished anything without leveraging his father’s fame in public office to make money with China and Ukraine — the most notable.”

“Yet Hunter Biden is supposed to be vouching for the honesty and credibility and integrity of Joe Biden?” Garrett sarcastically questioned. Video Below


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In ending, here is a clip of President Trump sounding off on Hunter Biden earlier on Friday: