‘Yikes! Michelle Caught Lying In Her Speech Last Night’: Don Jr Declares After AP Fact Checks Her Over Kids In ‘Cages’

[Image source: Fox News video screenshot. CNBC video screenshot. The Freedom Times compilation].

During her speech at the virtual Democratic National Convention, former first lady Michelle Obama condemned President Trump for the widely used accusation of separating children from their parents at the Southern Border and locking them in “cages.”

That policy, however, was created under Barack Hussein Obama’s presidency and stopped during the Trump Administration.

Michelle Obama said during her pre-recorded speech: “They watch in horror as children are torn from their families and thrown into cages.”

What she did not say is that the very same “cages” were built and used in her husband’s administration, for the same purpose of holding migrant kids temporarily, according to AP fact check.

The reference to cages is misleading and a matter that Democrats have persistently distorted, AP reported.

At the height of the controversy over Trump’s zero-tolerance policy at the border, photos that circulated online of children in the enclosures generated great anger. But those photos — by The Associated Press — were taken in 2014 and depicted some of the thousands of unaccompanied children held by President Barack Obama. When that fact came to light, some Democrats and activists who had tweeted the photos deleted their tweets. But prominent Democrats have continued to cite cages for children as a distinctive cruelty of Trump, per AP. Continued Below

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The Obama administration separated migrant children from families under certain limited circumstances, like when the child’s safety appeared at risk or when the parent had a serious criminal history. But family separations as a matter of routine came about because of Trump’s “zero tolerance” enforcement policy, which he eventually suspended because of the uproar, as reported by AP.

Users on Twitter responded by announcing that Michelle Obama was “caught lying” in her pre-recorded speech for the DNC Convention. Video Below

Donald Trump Jr. responded, tweeting: “Yikes! Michelle caught lying in her speech last night…”

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) quoted the AP fact check:

Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) tweeted that Michelle Obama “boldly lied”.

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