Biden Says Kamala ‘Will Be Ready To Lead On Day One’, James Woods Fires Back: “You’re Not Running Anymore?”

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Former Hollywood actor James Woods scaled up his attacks in wake of Senator Kamala Harris being picked as Joe Biden’s running mate.

A tweet posted by Joe Biden on Wednesday eerily played right into the hand of Woods, who warned Americans just a day earlier that Kamala being picked as a potential Vice President could be nothing more than a “Trojan horse” scenario that will ultimately set things up for her to take over the White House. Hence, Woods believes the race has now shaped up to being Trump vs. Harris.

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Biden tweeted: “If @KamalaHarris and I are elected, we’re going to inherit multiple crises, a nation divided, and a world in disarray. We won’t have a minute to waste.”

“That’s exactly why I picked her: She’s ready to lead on day one,” he added.

In response, Woods said, “Right. She’d take over and you’d head back to the basement. Her own party dismissed her as a presidential candidate after she ridiculed you in front of the world. But this is irrelevant, because on November 4 you’ll both be footnotes to history and dust in the wind.”

James Woods Replies To Joe Biden

After giving more thought to what was  posted, Woods questioned if Biden is already prepared to hand over the reigns to Sen. Harris literally right after naming her as his running mate.

“‘She’s ready to lead on day one.’ So, what, you’re not running anymore?” Woods asked.

Woods then followed up by captioning a GIF of Biden and Harris walking through a doorway together along with a cartoon, which insinuates that Kamala is now hoping Biden will somehow be forced into a situation where she takes over his role.

Take a look:

In ending, here’s a picture and another GIF Woods tweeted to go along with his theme surrounding the official Democratic ticket: