James Woods Drops A Warning Over Biden’s VP Selection: “The Trojan Horse Factor Is Now Crystal Clear”

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Former Hollywood actor James Woods dropped a warning on Americans after learning who Joe Biden selected as his potential Vice President.

Kamala Harris, the politically shrewd California senator with a law enforcement background that has caused some tensions with the progressive left, was announced Tuesday as Biden’s running mate.

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In response to to the news, Woods retweeted a July article from The Atlantic, which suggests that whoever Biden picked as his running mate could be “the most powerful” Vice President in history if Democrats win the presidency.

“Well, yes, considering the raging progression of Biden’s dementia, you are either voting for ⁦#PresidentTrump⁩ or #KamalaHarris,” Woods tweeted. “The Trojan horse factor is now crystal clear.”

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James Woods’ Reacts To Kamala Harris Being Chosen As Biden’s Running Mate

Moments later, Woods predicted, “Biden, if elected, will step down ”for the good of the nation,” by June of 2021. Kamala Harris will then be President of the United States and, for a while, Nancy Pelosi will be a heartbeat away from the presidency . So, who is your choice for President of the United States?”

In ending, we leave you with both of Woods’ initial reactions to Kamala being picked as Biden’s running mate: