Biden Says ‘We Can Not Let Trump Destroy The USPS’, James Woods Reacts: “Go Back To The Cellar & Can Some Peaches”

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The current status of the U.S. Postal Service is making Joe Biden very nervous.

In July, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy announced that the USPS is undergoing major changes aimed at “making the USPS fundamentally solvent which we are not at this time.” The move is primarily the result of severe revenue losses, and will likely slow down the overall delivery time of mail.

As reported by MarketWatch:

“Postal Service officials, bracing for steep losses from the nationwide shutdown caused by the virus, have warned they will run out of money by the end of September without help from Congress. The service reported a $4.5 billion loss for the quarter ending in March, before the full effects of the shutdown sank in.”

As it remains uncertain how government will handle the potential collapse of the USPS, presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden warned, “We can’t let Donald Trump destroy the U.S. Postal Service.”

Biden’s remarks come as Democrats have been pushing hard for widespread mail-in voting for the 2020 election, which would be handled by the USPS.

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In response to Biden’s tweet, former Hollywood actor James Woods replied, “Don’t worry. You guys can just print up some phony ballots and mail those in. All the ‘dead Democrats’ and illegal aliens won’t notice you’ve ‘harvested’ their fake votes.”

“Now go back to the cellar and can some peaches,” he added. See Below

James Woods Replies To Joe Biden

Earlier on Sunday, Woods targeted another tweet posted from Biden’s account in regards to the 6-year anniversary of the death of Ferguson, MO resident Michael Brown. Biden seized the moment to call for “tackling systematic racism and reforming police.”

In response, Woods tweeted: “Keep dividing with fiction rather than facts. Although you’re in such a haze, you may not know some socialist #Antifa intern composed this tweet for you.”

In ending, we leave you with a video Mr. Woods also posted over the weekend about Biden: