Alyssa Milano On Her Positive COVID Antibody Test: “Government Should Be Our Communal Caretakers”

Milano, CuomoCNN Video Screen Shots

Alyssa Milano vented outrage towards U.S. government leaders after finding out that she was likely infected with the coronavirus.

Milano tested negative for the virus back in April, when falling ill with symptoms commonly associated with COVID-19. On a later date, however, the Hollywood actress tested positive for coronavirus antibodies, which indicates that she did may have had the virus.

While speaking about her experience on CNN, Milano slammed the government over alleged “faulty” tests that were being used in the early stages of the pandemic.

She then claimed that the “government should be our communal caretakers,” and implied that they failed at doing so.

“To me, this is such an incredible, incredible failure of leadership,” Milano told CNN host Chris Cuomo.

“Our government should be our communal caretakers, that they have this fiduciary commitment to take care of us,” she added. Video Below


Here’s Milano’s full interview with Chris Cuomo: