Terrence Williams Lights Up BLM, Al Sharpton & The Media For Ignoring Murder Of Black Trump Supporter

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Terrence Williams was fired up after learning about the death of 59 year-old black Trump supporter Bernell ‘Ras’ Trammell,  who was  murdered outside of his Milwaukee business.

According to reports, Trammell was sitting in a lawn chair outside of his sign and publishing business on July 23 when he was fatally shot in broad daylight.

As per a report by KLTV:

Bernell ‘Ras’ Trammell, 59, was often seen wielding large, handwritten signs with his personal beliefs in big, bold letters. These signs supported George Floyd, police reform and President Donald Trump. He ran “Expressions Journal,” a small publication where he created his signs and publishings.

It’s been highly suspected that Trammell’s murder was politically motivated, due to his constant outspoken support for President Trump in an area that typically leans Democrat.

Terrence Williams, who claims to have learned about Bernell’s death 6 days after, blasted the Black Lives Matter movement, Al Sharpton, the media and others for their deafening silence on the murder.

“What is wrong with people?! And why am I just now hearing about this?” Terrence asked. “This happened around, what, the 22nd or 23rd of July and I’m just now hearing about it? And I guarantee I’m not the only one.”

He continued: “This man mattered too. Why is his name not all over the news? Why is his name not all over TV? Hmm? They shot this man in cold blood. Don’t nobody have nothing to say?… but I thought Black Lives Matter?”

“A 60-year-old black man was shot and killed! And I don’t hear nothing from Al Sharpton! I don’t hear nothing from Don Lemon! I don’t hear nothing from Shaun King! And you wanna sit here and tell me that Black Lives Matter, but you turn the other cheek when a black Trump supporter is murdered! You act like you didn’t see nothing! You act like you didn’t hear nothing!” Video Below