McCarthy Breaks His Silence On Rep. Stanton’s Vote By Boat: “Any Politician Who Doesn’t Show Up For Work Should Take A Pay Cut”

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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy broke his silence on Democrat Congressman Greg Stanton’s infamous boat vote.

Rep. Stanton (D-AR) found himself in hot water last Friday after being caught voting remotely for a committee “markup” from a boat. When it came time to vote during last Friday’s House Transportation Committee hearing, the scene of water and blue sky could be seen behind the Atizona congressman, who appeared to be floating.

Committee chairman Rep. Peter DeFazio called out Stanton soon after noticing the background. “Is Stanton rowing a boat?” DeFazio asked one of his colleagues at the hearing.

As video of the vote-by-boat circulated, Stanton issued an apology, where he tweeted, “There’s no getting around it: I messed up and I’m sorry for it. I participated in the five-hour markup mostly from inside and went outside to watch my kids (while listening in the entire time) shortly before the vote was called.”

In response, Rep. McCarthy trolled Stanton with a clip showing the disgraceful vote-by-boat take place, followed by a music video to compliment the congressman’s actions.

He captioned the video, “When it comes to doing their job, Democrats are out to sea—literally. Rep Greg Stanton from Arizona got paid by taxpayers to play hooky on a boat last week. Americans deserve a Congress that shows up to work!” Video Below


“Members of Congress should have to show up for work. If they don’t, they shouldn’t get paid,” McCarthy tweeted. “But Nancy Pelosi’s unconstitutional shadow voting let one Democrat vote from a boat last week!”

Finally, McCarthy tweeted another video of him discussing Stanton’s actions while he was interviewed on Fox News.

“Any political who doesn’t show up for work should take a pay cut” McCarthy captioned the video.

In ending, here is Congressman Michael Guest’s response to Stanton’s actions: