Black Power Militia Demands Reparations From White Driver, Terrence Williams Reacts: “Get A Job!”

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On Saturday, July 4, a “Black Power” militia known as the NFAC (Not F**king Around Coalition) marched through Stone Mountain Park heavily-armed and escorted by police.

The leader of the militia said their goal was to “send a message” about a monument in the park of Confederate President Jefferson Davis and Southern generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. However, during their journey, a video surfaced showing one of its members confronting a white man who was stopped in his car as the group marched by.

After trying to explain to the driver who they were, the militia-member asks, “Where are our reparations?”

“What did I do to you?” the driver asks before the armed man replies, “It’s not what you did, it’s what your ancestors did.”

The group then walks away chanting “Black Power!”

In response to the video, Terrence Williams explained that he is pro-Second Amendment, however he does not “like the fact that a bunch of racist people are walking down the street with guns, trying to intimidate white people, trying to scare white people, harassing somebody because of the color of their skin. That’s racist.”

“If a white person did that, everybody will be screaming ‘racism’ because it is racist to intimidate and harass somebody because of the color of their skin,” Williams continued. “Nobody should be targeted because of the color of their skin.”

“And don’t say that white people did it to black people a long time ago because the white people who did that to black people are no longer living. So why are you attacking somebody who did nothing to you?” he asked. “Two wrong’s don’t make a right. Why are ya’ll trying to start a race war?”

And as for the “reparations” the man in the video was asking for, Terrence said, “Don’t nobody owe you reparations. White people don’t owe people nothing and black people don’t owe white people nothing. Don’t nobody owe nobody nothing. Talking about some reparations, get a job!” Video Below