Twitterverse Reacts As Californians Defy L.A. County’s Fireworks Ban

Image source: CBSLA video screenshot.

CBSLA reported Saturday night, there were scenes of illegal fireworks throughout Los Angeles in celebration of Independence Day.

The Los Angeles Police Department reported more than 1,000 complaints submitted online as of 10:05 p.m. Police said they also had to hold dozens of 911 calls due to the lines getting clogged up, and apologized for the delays throughout the night, per CBSLA.

“We ask that you please not call 911 for illegal fireworks unless someone is hurt or there is a fire. You are tying up 911 for other life-threatening emergencies,” a tweet from LAPD’s Communications Division said. “As of this post, we’re holding nearly 50 calls on 911 and over 170 on non-emergency.”

The mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, tweeted the day before Independence Day: “We’re going to have to celebrate differently this year. Everyone should cancel plans with others for the 4th of July. You shouldn’t gather with anyone who doesn’t live in your household. Please stay home and save lives — it’s that simple”

However, patriots defied Garcetti and Governor Gavin Newsom’s orders, so the sky across Southern California illuminated with fireworks as the region celebrated America’s birthday.

Video footage surfaced showing a helicopter’s view of patriots setting off “illegal” fireworks throughout the city. Video Below


Twitterverse reacted:

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