Don Jr.: If Biden Knows How To Fix Everything He’s Talking About, “Why Didn’t He Tell Obama”

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While making an appearance on Fox News on Friday, Donald Trump Jr. questioned why former Vice President Joe Biden never fixed any of the issues that America is currently facing during his nearly 50-year career in Washington.

Biden’s name was mentioned as Trump Jr. discussed the current status of the U.S
economy in wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Don Jr., the economy will “make a strong comeback, but to get it back to how it was before the pandemic will require a “real leader” and not someone like Joe Biden, who he labeled as a “career, swamp creature bureaucrat”.

“We need a real leader who can bring this economy back, who can regain and reset the goals and the records that he broke with the economy before,” Trump Jr. said. “Not Joe Biden, who sat in Washington, D.C. as a career, swamp creature bureaucrat — you can not name a single accomplishment of his.”

“If he knew how to fix all of the things he’s talking about now, if he knew how to fix racial issues in America, if he knew how to fix the economy, if he could deal with China, which Donald Trump also did for the first time in modern American history — he got a trade deal done with them so they could stop taking advantage of us — if Joe Biden could do any of those things, why didn’t he tell Obama?” he questioned.

“Why didn’t he do any of them — one single one, other than help grow China — in the first 50 years of his Washington, D.C. career?” Don Jr. asked. “Guys, give me a break. This is the epitome of the swamp.”


Here is Trump Jr.’s full interview on Fox:

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