Fed-Up Seattle Man Single-Handedly Dismantles A Section Of CHAZ, Urges Occupants To “Go Home”

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A disgruntled Seattle man took matters into his own hands as he began dismantling a section of CHAZ and told occupants of the autonomous zone that it’s time to “go home.”

In a video uploaded to Twitter, a man in a red hoodie and red shoes is seen walking into a blocked off section of CHAZ and then breaking apart and tossing sections of metal barricades into a mess of supplies.

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The man is also seen going over to tables that were set up next to tents and flipping them over as occupants of the zone stare at him.

“F**k all you guys. Go home!” the man tells occupants while tearing their section apart.

Video Below



In a seperate video, the same man is seen lecturing other people in the area on why the CHAZ movement is “not a black movement”.

We leave you with that video: