Don Jr. Asks The Audience: “Would Any Of You Leave Your Young Child With Joe Biden Alone?”

Image source: The Hill video screenshots. CBS Evening News video screenshot. The Freedom Times compilation].

Tuesday during a Turning Point Action convention in Phoenix, Arizona, Donald Trump Jr. slammed Joe Biden for “sniffing children”, asking the audience, “Would any of you leave your young child with Joe Biden alone?”

Don Jr.’s question comes after Joe Biden’s inappropriate behavior towards women and children can be seen online in several pictures and videos, which show the former vice president standing behind women and girls of all ages, massaging their shoulders, rubbing their backs, nuzzling their hair, whispering into their ears, and sometimes offering clearly unwanted kisses.

“Does anyone really believe Joe’s gonna be the guy in charge?” Donald Trump Jr. asked. “He can’t remember where he is most of the time. You’ve seen the way he handles dealing with his actual fans. He can’t tell that they’re complimenting him or not. He confuses his wife and his sister.”

“He runs around sniffing children like it’s a problem. … Would any of you leave your young child with Joe Biden alone?” he asked the crowd, to which the audience answered, “No” in unison.

“I don’t think so!” Don Jr. declared.

He also told the audience of Joe Biden and Senate confirmation hearings: “If he’s sniffing children there in front of cameras, imagine what he’s doing when they’re not there. I mean, you’ve seen the pictures, right? Those little kids? … I mean the faces on these kids”. Continued Below

“If any one of us, any reasonable American, red-blooded father or mother were in the room and saw their child respond that way, they would pull them away in two seconds. This is the best [Democrats] got folks,” the president’s son expressed.

During an interview last March on Fox News, counselor to the president, Kellyanne Conway, told host Chris Wallace: “If anybody just types in ‘Creepy Uncle Joe Videos,’ you come up with a treasure trove. Far more evidentiary information and videos than we saw when Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination was trying to be derailed and him, as an individual and family, being destroyed by folks who had no evidence of what allegedly happened 34 years earlier.”

She added, “I think Joe Biden has a big problem here because he calls it affectionate hand shakes. His party calls it completely inappropriate. I think he’s had the worst non-rollout for any would-be 2020 candidate on the Democratic side.” Video Below

Donald Trump Jr.’s official remarks on Joe Biden:

Don Jr.’s full remarks at the Turning Point Action event in Arizona:

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