Three-Minute Video Exposing Harsh Living Conditions In Nancy Pelosi’s District Goes Viral

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Benny Johnson exposed harsh living conditions in the heart of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s in a video posted to his Twitter account.

The footage appears to show the daily struggles of the homeless in San Francisco, including people sleeping in tents or mattresses along the street and make-shift showers set up on the sidewalk for them to bathe themselves. The video has since gone viral.

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Benny wrote, “Nancy Pelosi does not want you to see this. This is her district. Filmed this morning.”

“Pelosi can kneel and pander in DC — but this is how a many black people live in the district she has represented for 33 years,” he added. “Tent cities. Filth. Drugs. I hope she sees this in her mansion.”

“Do these [black] lives really matter to Speaker Pelosi?” Johnson asked. Video Below