Ashton Kutcher Makes An Emotional Attempt To ‘Educate’ Those Who Say ‘All Lives Matter’

Ashton KutcherTwitter Video Screen Shot

Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher made an emotional attempt to explain why “Black Lives Matter” in wake of racial tensions that have spurred across America following the death of George Floyd.

In a selfie-video that was uploaded to social media, Kutcher referenced a conversation he had with his children while reading bedtime stories to help “educate” those who keep posting and saying “All Lives Matter”

“I don’t think that the ones posting ‘All Lives Matter’ should be cancelled. I think they should be educated,” Kutcher said.

“We all agree all lives matter.” he continued. “But I had a pointed experience tonight when I was putting my kids down to bed that lent the words for why black lives matter.”

Kutcher went on to say that when his son asked why his sister always gets put to bed first, Ashton said he replied “Girls get to go first… And you know why girls get to go first? For you and me, girls go first. And the reason why is for some boys, girls don’t get to go at all. And so for you and me, girls go first.”

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“So when it comes to Black Lives Matter, I think what folks that are writing ‘All Lives Matter’ need to understand is that for some people — for some people black lives don’t matter at all,” Kutcher said as he began to choke up crying.

“So for us, Black Lives Matter,” he added. “So while you may have the best intentions in saying ‘All Lives Matter,’ remember for some people black lives don’t matter at all.” Video Below