Don Jr. On Biden Calling 10-15% Of Americans ‘Not Very Good People’: “Something Tells Me He’s Not Talking About The Looters Burning Down Communities”

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On Friday, Donald Trump Jr. weighed in on presumed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden claiming that “10 to 15 percent ” of  Americans are “just not very good people”.

Biden made the suggestion during a virtual town hall with young Americans on Thursday, while discussing the importance of a president setting an example for the country on issues of race during a conversation moderated by actor Don Cheadle, The Hill reported.

Joe Biden had accused President Trump of dividing the nation, saying “The words a president says matter, so when a president stands up and divides people all the time, you’re going to get the worst of us to come out.”

“Do we really think this is as good as we can be as a nation? I don’t think the vast majority of people think that,” he said. “There are probably anywhere from 10 to 15 percent of the people out there that are just not very good people, but that’s not who we are. The vast majority of the people are decent, and we have to appeal to that and we have to unite people –bring them together. Bring them together.”

Donald Trump Jr. reacted to Biden’s assertion while sounding off on all of the latest developments on Twitter.

“Sleepy @Joebiden called 30-50 million Americans ‘not very good people,’ Who is he including in that?” Trump Jr. questioned. “Christians who want to go to church? Small biz owners trying to save their companies? Because something tells me, he’s not talking about the looters burning down communities!” Continued Below

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In a seperate tweet Don Jr. brought forth the incredible jobs report that was released on Friday and how he forsees it being “bad news” for Biden’s presidential hopes. See Below

“2.5 MIlLLION jobs added in May. Forecast was to lose 8.5 million.@realDonaldTrump leading us back!” Trump Jr. tweeted. “BAD NEWS for @JoeBiden who hopes for economic disaster. Good for America, bad for Sleepy Joe!”

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In ending here is Stuart Varney’s response to the surprising jobs report: