Joy Behar Says The GOP Isn’t ‘Helping’ Anyone Get Through The Crisis, Chris Christie Levels Her: “That’s Absolutely Wrong”

Chris Christie, Joy BeharThe View Video Screen Shots

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie leveled Joy Behar on Friday while sparring with her over the COVID-19 crisis on The View.

The drama unfolded after Behar claimed that Republicans would rather fund things like military instead of “helping” those in need during the crisis.

Governor Christie knocked down Behar’s initial assessment and mentioned the stimulus packages that Republicans overwhelmingly voted in favor of, amd has helped millions of Americans.

Behar then asked, “Why is everybody upset — running out to the streets and defying the rule? Why?”

“Because they want their lives back,” Christie replied. “Even the people who received that money, the people who received that aid.”

Behar cut in and said, “They want their jobs back, not their lives. They’re saying they want their jobs back. They want their food. They want to pay their rent. They want to pay their mortgage. They don’t have enough money for that. That’s what they’re crying about. And I don’t see the Republican Party helping them. All that they’re doing is blaming everybody else.” Video Below

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Christie fired back, “That’s just wrong. That’s absolutely wrong. It’s your point of view, and you’re welcome to it, but you’re not welcome to your own set of facts.”

“The Republicans have voted to support all of those programs you just talked about,” he continued. “Food programs, aid programs with direct checks, aid programs to small business, aid programs to front line health workers and the hospitals — all of those things have gotten overwhelming, in fact, unanimous Republican support as they’ve gotten unanimous Democrat support.” Video Below