Sen. Schumer Implies Republicans Are ‘Picking On’ China In Wake Of The Coronavirus Pandemic

SchumerMSNBC Video Screen Shot

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer implied that President Trump is “picking on” China and others in wake of the global pandemic that is thought to have started from the Asian country.

Schumer made the assessment while critiquing Trump’s handling of the pandemic, accusing the President and Republicans of “finding a foil” during the pandemic instead of addressing the coronvirus head on.

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“…The next day, they’re picking on some…you know finding a foil,” Senator Schumer told MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace on Friday.

“McConnell found Obama,” he added. “They’re going after Biden. They go after China. They go after WHO.”

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Schumer’s remarks come as Republicans, at the lead of President Trump, have time and time again reminded Americans that COVID-19 most likely originated in China, despite the left deeming terms like “Wuhan Virus” and “Chinese Virus” as racist.

Democrats were also set off after President Trump cut U.S.funding from WHO due to their “deceptive” handling of the virus in the early stages of it spreading and killing thousands of people globally.