Joe Biden On The COVID-19 Crisis: “The People Who Are Getting Hurt Are Democrats”

BidenSpectrum News Video Screen Shot

On Tuesday, Joe Biden appeared to imply that Democrats are the ones who are “getting hurt” the most from the impact of the COVID-19 crisis.

Biden made the suggestion during an interview with Spectrum News.

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“Look, the people who are getting hurt are Democrats — hardworking people,” Biden said, “the people who can’t afford to stay home, the people who are getting clobbered, the people who are making hourly wage, the people who are out there saving our lives, carrying the country on their back and losing lives in the process of doing it.”

“They’re the people who are in trouble,” he continued. “Millionaires aren’t in trouble. People who are making tens of thousands of dollars or hundreds of millions of dollars — they’re not in trouble.”

“The very people who are in trouble are our constituents, number one,” Biden declared. Video Below