Joe Biden Gets Corrected After Claiming 600,000 Americans Have Died Of The Coronavirus

BidenMorning Joe Video Screen Shot

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden got corrected on Friday after inaccurately declaring that 600,000 people have died of the coronavirus in America.

Biden made the claim while making an appearance on Friday’s airing of MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

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“Over 600,000 dead,” Biden said. “Many of them are people who are those…those, those workers, those nurses — doctors, some of them — because they have put themselves in a position to save other people’s lives, protect the rest of society.”

“And we talk about that number, like 600 plus thousand people, each and every one of them–,” Biden said before Joe Scarborough cut in and corrected him.

“Sixty thousand, yea,” Scarborough said as he interrupted Biden, who then corrected his initial assessment. Video Below


As of Friday afternoon, there are just over 238,000 recorded coronavirus-related deaths in the entire world — 65,000 of those being Americans.

Biden also had another mixup in his interview while complaining that President Trump wasn’t having enough “intercourse whatsoever with the world”. And so, he forgot the name of the Ebola virus after accidentally referring to it as the coronavirus.

We leave you with that clip: